03 PM | 02 Sep

Upcoming Work at Greewich, PEI National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park will be undertaking a project this fall that will see upgrades to visitor facilities: the Greenwich Beach boardwalk and the floating boardwalk that crosses Bowley Pond, as part of the Greenwich Dunes Trail, will be replaced. While this work is taking place, Greenwich will be a construction site with heavy machinery on the grounds and on the trail system that could pose a risk to visitor safety as well as impact visitor experience.

As a result, Greenwich will close for the season as early as September 30, 2015 and will re-open for visitors in the summer of 2016.

During this period of closure, visitor access to the following areas will be restricted: · The Greenwich beach parking lot and beach access and · The Greenwich trail head parking lot and trails: Havre Saint Pierre, Greenwich Dunes and Tlaqatik. While this temporary closure is a short-term inconvenience, upgrades to these sites will bring a long-term benefit. Thanks to these infrastructure improvements, staff at Prince Edward Island National Park staff are excited to provide enhanced experiences for visitors when Greenwich reopens next summer!

PEI National Park staff would like to thank local residents, visitors, and partners for their patience during the completion of this important work. For more information about PEI National Park as well as for updates on the status of this work, be sure to check the website at: www.pc.gc.ca/pei.

For a response to any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Greg Shaw, Project Manager, at (902) 672-6377.