SEAM Program 2018

The SEAM program at St Peter’s Bay Complex had their graduation ceremony on Friday, August 10, 2018. It was a happy event. SEAM, or Skills Enhancement And Mentorship, is offered to students looking for help to find employment and direction. An insider’s point of view might explain the program, in his own words, a little better.

The SEAM Program

“The SEAM program is a great opportunity for students that need help finding and preparing for a job. The Instructors mentor and train the participants to help in finding a job that is suited for them. They do team building exercises to help you know the people that are working with and what to do on the job site. They also ask you to go on job work placement to get used to a real job. They also bring in guest speakers to talk about what they did in their lives and what they do for jobs. There was one speaker who was a misguided kid when he was growing up, but he is now a successful lawyer. It’s a fun program to be in and there is lots of experience you get out of it like meeting new people and making new friends. My favourite thing to do in the program was the Escape Room because we all had to help each other out to escape. I hope someday in the future I will see everybody that was in the program again and catch up on what they are doing. To me the SEAM program wasn’t like a job. To me, it felt more like a second family that I’ve never had.”
Written by a Participant of the SEAM Program.

Many thanks to Keila Hebert, Meagan MacDougall and Naomi Cousins for all their hard work and dedication to this program!
The SEAM Program was sponsored by The Rural Municipality and The Province of PEI.

Many Thanks for their Generous Funding!

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