New Community Signage

For the past seven years David Lewis has been trying to obtain significant signage for our community and Greenwich National Park extension. This search has brought him to many organizations and association with many individuals. Every funding agency both government and private have been approached. The cost of this venture seemed to provide a real obstacle to funding agencies. However with a total cost nearly $ 30,000.00 the effort continued. We were successful in having Parks Canada agreeing to provide one half the funding. A grant of $ 5,000.00 was negotiated from a provincial government fund. This left a balance of $10,000.00 where we had no other choice but to seek private funding. We now want to sincerely thank Bohemian Findings, G & P Construction, P.E.I. Mussel King, Milligan Fisheries, The Rural Municipality of St. Peter’s Bay, and two very generous American visitors who came forward with the funding. The signs are now in place and are at the maximum size allowed by our Tourist Association at present. In the future we maybe able to negotiate to have these signs larger but for the present they provide very improved signage for our community.

Once again thanks to those generous associations and individuals who made them possible.

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