02 AM | 02 Feb

Greenwich Boardwalk Construction Update Parks Canada

Work crews are still hard at work on the boardwalk of the Greenwich Dunes Trail in PEI National Park. The aquatic boardwalk across Bowley Pond was removed before Christmas. The terrestrial portion of the boardwalk was removed in early January and is now busy being re-built by crews. Once the pond thaws, crews will begin the installation of the floating sections across the pond to reconnect to the new viewing platform for the parabolic dunes that was constructed in the fall of 2016. It will be 3-4 weeks for the new floating sections to be installed and the trail to be re-opened. This new boardwalk will protect fragile ecosystems and provide safe passage of visitors to view the stunning parabolic dunes at Greenwich. The trail will re-open following completion of the boardwalk by early summer 2017.