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St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church

Catholic Church ReflectionThe St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church overlooks St. Peter’s Bay. The construction for this church began in 1830 and was completed by 1834. The site for this magnificent church was chosen by Bishop McEachern because he wanted it to overlook the beautiful St. Peter’s Bay.

In the early 1880’s a bigger and more modern church was built to replace the original church. The construction for this church began in 1881 and was not completed until 1886. The new church was constructed with brick. Although the construction was not completed until 1886, the church itself was opened it 1881 with the interior not finished. This shows the dedication that the early people of St. Peter’s Bay has to their church and their religion.

On October 15, 1926 the tower of the St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church was struck by lightening and caught on fire. This resulted in a major fire and people came from the Bay and Greenwich to help to put the fire out. At this point in history there was no such thing as a fire department so the people came from their houses with buckets of water to try and put the fire out. With the help of the local people the fire was eventually extinguished. Many of the interior furnishings were saved.

After the fire, the church was rebuilt. It took two years to rebuild the new church and it was opened on July 1, 1928. The brick exterior was salvaged at the time of the rebuild but due to damages resulting from the fire, the brick exterior was replaced by wood in 1959.

St. Peter’s United Church

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1886 there was a Presbyterian Church located in Midgell. In 1925 the United Church of Canada was formed and subsiquently the Presbyterian Church became the United Church. This resulted in the church and the manse being moved from Midgell to the village of St. Peter’s Bay, where it currently stands.




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