03St. Peters Fire Department

Training schedule:

  • Feb 06 –
  • Feb 13 –
  • Feb 20 –
  • Feb 27 –

Ice rescue CPR recertification Islander Day

Department News

The St. Peters Fire Department continues to try to recruit new members. If you think you may be interested in joining or have some questions, please contact Chief Craig Campbell (evenings) at (902) 961-2246 or any Firefighter.

The St. Peters Fire Department would like to remind you that in the event of a extended power outage the Fire Hall is equipped wit a backup generator. Anyone needing a place to get warm, charge your phone or to get wate, please contact any firefighter or listen to the radio to ensure the hall is still open.

The St. Peters Fire Department would like to thank Jean Guy Savoie of Boo’s Construction for donating a mounted projector screen and projector to the Fire Hall. This will be a usefull training tool and is very much appreciated.

This Month`s Safety Tips

* Before driving in winter get a full set of winter tires that can handle the snow and ice; always paying close attention to weather reports, especially before heading out on trips; ensuring your car windshield, roof and hood are cleared of snow and offer maximum visibility.

* Always wear a properly hited, CSA approved hockey helmet while skating. Ski/snowboard and boke helmets are unsuitable since most are designed to protect you against a single crash and then be replaced. Skate should be comfortable, with good ankle support to avoid twists, sprains, or breaks.