St. Peters Fire Department

03St. Peters Fire Department

Training schedule:

  • July 1 – Canada Day
  • July 8 – Boat Operations
  • July 15 – Communication
  • July 22 – Vehicle Extricaction
  • July 29 – Meeting

Department News

As indicated in last months issue, the Fire Department was very busy in May. On May 11th we had our annual take out lobster supper. It was a huge success and rumour is that it might have been the best one yet. We want to Thank everyone that supported us by purchasing suppers. We also want to send out a special Thank You to the Morell Coop for donating supplies, to Frankie, Sheryl and Pauline O’Hanley and Philip and Francis Milligan for donating the sweets and to the Dockendorf family for their monetary donation.

The Birthday Calendars arrived in May and we tried hard to get them delivered before June 1st. This is a major fund raiser for the department, and we appreciate the support from the business’s buying ads and the residents buying calendars.

May was unfortunately marked by tragedy. In the early hours of May 21st, a young fisherman was lost overboard near Goose River. The Fire Department responded with our rescue boat and off road rescue vehicle to help the many local fishermen search for the missing man. The search expanded to include aircraft overhead and searchers on the beaches. Despite the efforts of many, at the time this is being written, the body has not been recovered. The St.Peters Fire Department would like to Thank the many businesses and individuals that supported us by bringing food and drinks or picking up fuel and other supplies. Our thoughts are with the family and we offer our support any way we can.

This Month`s Safety Tips

When using barbecue always be sure to leave sufficient space from the house. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have the grill repaired by a professional. Spare propane cylinders should never be stored indoors or under or near the grill. Don’t use a wire grill brush as the wires can break off and end up in the food. Wooden grill cleaners are available at most department stores.

The beautiful summer weather has arrived, along with it comes the chance of summer thunder squalls. The first and most important thing to remember is that if you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightning. Take shelter immediately, preferably in a house or automobile. If caught outside far from a safe shelter, stay away from tall objects, such as trees, poles, wires and fences and try to get to lower ground.

If you go to the beach swimming this summer be careful of Rip Currents. Rip Current is a narrow fast-moving horizontal current that pulls people away from shore. If you find yourself being drug away by a rip current, remain calm, try to get out of the current by swimming parallel to shore, try to alert someone on shore if you need help, don’t fight the current, save your energy to swim back to shore. Be very careful trying to help someone else caught in a rip current, always try to instruct them how to get to safety before you enter the rip current yourself. Check us out on Instagram!

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