03St. Peters Fire Department

Training schedule:

  • November 5 – Extrication
  • November 12 – Ladders
  • November 19 – Medical
  • November 26 – Meeting

Department News

The St.Peters Fire Department was very honored to receive a Fire Fighters Statue from the O’Hanley family in honor of B.J O’Hanley. B.J was one of the original fire fighters when the department was created and remained on the department for 65 years. The statue will stay at the fire hall as a memorial to B.J. The department would like to thank Pauline and all the O’Hanley family for their continued support of the fire department.

This Month`s Safety Tips

The school busses will soon be making the rounds, all drivers need to be extra cautious. Yellow flashing lights indicate that a bus is preparing to stop to pick up or drop off children. Drivers need to slow down and prepare to stop. Red flashing lights and an extended stop-arm signal indicate that the bus has stopped and that children are getting on or off. Cars must stop a safe distance away and not start up until the red lights stop flashing, the stop sign has been folded back, and the bus continues its way.

The harvest is underway and lots of farm machinery are traveling the roads from field to field. Please have patience when encountering this slow moving and extra-large equipment. Don’t take any chances trying to get by this large equipment, only pass when you can see that no traffic is coming.


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