07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

June, 2017 Post

As many may have noticed we have several flower beds scattered throughout our Bayside Park and Shops Area. Over the past number of year Evelyn MacKenzie has spent many hours working on these beds to make them presentable and pleasing to our public. We appreciate Evelyn’s work very much and trust that she will continue to see fit to volunteer with us. However, at our last executive meeting we made a decision to try a new direction in this area. We have a total of nine beds. We are proposing that residents who have an interest in this area adopt one or more of these beds and maintain them for the season. The bed could serve as a memorial garden for a loved one passed or various other ideas. We would be willing to have a sign placed on the flower bed to identify the person, family or group adopting the bed. Hopefully some residents will view this as a way to assist us and at the same time obtain the recognition that I mentioned above. Anyone who is interested in this proposal should telephone Jim MacAulay at (902)961-2818 or e-mail at festival@eastlink.ca.

At present we are well underway with our summer preparations. We are testing our water supply to insure that it is safe for use. We have prepared our maintenance equipment for the grass initiative. We have two employees on staff at present who are ready and willing to keep our areas looking fine and fit.

Our summer renters are well underway with their preparations for the season. It is very encouraging to see the great amount of work and initiative that is being put into the shops in preparation for opening. When you read this article some of our shops will have already opened. Naturally we encourage residents to support these operations whenever possible. Working together we will continue to make our community an attractive place to live and do business.