07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

March, 2017 Post

We are now moving closer and closer to spring. There is not much activity to report from our body at this time. We have submitted a proposal to ACOA for funding. We will not be able o report on this venture for some time yet, as ACOA will have to receive funding after March 31, 2017 for next year. We also note that the government blower has wandered onto our trail and caused damage to some of our light fixtures. We will be addressing this issue when we have a full picture of the damage next spring. Our landing shops are all ready to go this spring and we wish them well. At this time we have size people who are interested in renting shops when they come available. This is a very pleasant situation and suggests that the success of our retailers is becoming known to others. Anyone who is interested in opening a shop in our Landing should let ys know so that he/she can be placed on our “waiting” list. We look forward to our annual water testing and equipment checks so that we can begin another successful season.

As usual we are following the advertisement for summer job assistance. As the various funds ccome available, we will be sure to apply.