07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

July, 2018 Post

Megan Burge is back again this year as our summer crew chief. We are glad to have her back as she diligently keeps up with our properties. Brandon Malone is back again this year and we hope to have one more student joining us through the Jobs for Youth Program. Matthew Miller will be working with the landscape crew as an employ of the Blueberry Festival. A big thank you to the Blueberry Festival for putting him on our crew. With all the rain and sun this past month, there is a lot to keep up with! Nearly all of our retail shops are now open for the summer season. Several retailers returned this year and we are pleased to have 2 new ones. We extend a warm welcome to Artisans By the Bay and to Maritime Marzipan. Both of these shops opened last month for the season. We wish all the best to our Landing Shop businesses this season and encourage residence and visitors to visit and support our retailers.