07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

January – Feb, 2017 Post

On December 01, 2016 we held our annual meeting at St. Peter’s Complex. The evening was not conducive for traveling so we did not have a large turn out. At the meeting Jim MacAulay was elected to another year as president of the corporation. Joseph MacIsaac was elected for another three year term as director. Lorna Whitty was elected as a new director for a three year term. Sheryll O’Hanley, who served on the executive for many years did not re-offer for director. We would like to thank Sheryll for her many years of service to this corporation especially her many years as treasurer.

Early in January the executive will meet to discuss the program for 2017 as well as electing a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. This is all in accordance with the by-law of the Development Corporation. Should anyone wish to meet with the executive to express suggestions or a project please feel free to contact Jim MacAulay at (902) 961-2818. At the next meeting we will be discussing our summer program for 2017. We will also be following the call for applications for summer workers. At present we are in the process of applying for Service Canada positions. Our organization requires a good number of workers between Quigley Hall and our summer maintenance program. We would remind any student, who will be seeking work with us, to make sure you register for the summer work program. When we are looking for our employees we must take those who are registered with the various government agencies. Guidance people in our schools, colleges, and universities should be able to provide assistance with this procedure.