07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

April, 2017 Post

At present we are well underway in preparing go our summer season. We have submitted requests for summer students under Service Canada, Skills PEI, and Job for Youth. We hope to be successful once again as we have a huge amount of grass to cut and obstacles to trim around. Over the years we have been able to provide this service and have our community looking good over the summer season. Any student who wishes to work on any of these programs must be registered to do so. We are permitted to have students who are registered and no other.

Our retailers are now preparing for the summer activity. Those who do not live in our area are preparing their buildings for the season ahead. The locals who are on site all the time will take care of these matters a little later. As soon as the fear of frost is gone, we will be turning our water system on again. We will also be testing our water to ensure that it is totally reliable for drinking as well as other uses.

Our grounds have suffered some damage over winter. The snow plow had destroyed one of our light boxes on the Bayside Park trail. We assume that the appropriate department will repair this damage at no cost to us. We also have some trees that fell over winter. As soon as the ground is firm once again, we will be removing these trees.

Our equipment was well serviced before winter began. We will be doing our usual spring check on the equipment to ensure it is ready to perform. Over the fall season Billy MacKinnon repaired and stained all our garbage boxes and bins. Hopefully they will look more pleasing over this summer.