07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

October, 2017 Post

As we move into October our summer season is just about over. This year we had an excellent summer. Megan Burge provided excellent leadership and administrative skill in managing our total program. Our programs extends from the Park to the Theatre, to the Landing, to Bayside Park, to the Complex and Ball field. This provides wide range of grass to be clipped and snipped. Our workers Brandon Malone, Matthew Miller and Aaron Steele did a tremendous job in keeping our community looking neat and tidy. To all of them I say a sincere thank-you from the Development Corporation. Will Seibert as our theatre chairman also had a good summer with Tanner MacKinnon and Maureen O’Reilly as employees. They were able to present a very entertaining summer program which was especially enjoyed by our visitors. The Development Corporation says thank-you sincerely.

We have now reached our fall clean up season and once again Billy MacKinnon has come on board as our fall worker. We have had Billy in the past so he knows the ins and outs of preparing our establishments for the coming winter.

Last but not least, I want to thank our Development Corporation Executive. These people give freely of their time to make our community a better place for all of us. A little later we will be having our annual meeting and we will be in need of new directors. Anyone who would like to serve on this executive should contact Jim MacAulay and make your intentions known.