07 PM | 05 Jan

St. Peters Area Development Corporation

August, 2017 Post

It is hard to believe that we are rapidly reaching the first of August. Time seems to fly during our summer season especially when things are going quite well. Megan Burge and her team of Aaron, Matthew, Brandon and Amber are doing excellent work. This group is very flexible and does work on almost a moments notice just about anywhere in the community. It is a very interesting and effective group to be associated with over the summer months. Bayside Park has never looked better. Megan does a superb job of managing this facility. The residents who adopted the flower beds are much appreciated and are making the flower beds look great. Since our last note Phillip and Frankie Milligan have adopted the last two beds. It is very rewarding to see our public rise to the occasion and adopt the beds.

The usual grass cutting and trimming has come to a snail pace due to the dry weather. It now appears that we will be getting some moisture so this will likely once again pick up. Our group is also very involved with the annual Blueberry Festival. The set up and cleaning afterwards is almost exclusively done by our maintenance crew. This is a major asset for our festival committee.

Although there are slow days our retailers are experiencing a good year. Hopefully as the summer progresses we will see increased activity at our shops as well as our local business people. The success of our total retail people make for a better community for all of us.

Our Courthouse Theatre is once again putting forth a full program for the summer season. We encourage our local people to support the productions at our theatre as much as possible. It is very difficult to mount a successful season if we do not receive support from our total community.