07 PM | 05 Jan

Seeing out that New Years Resolution

Seeing out that New Years Resolution!! 5 Tips to help it happen….

Lets face it, very few of us keep the New Years Resolutions that we make. So here are some tips on making and keeping your resolution.

  1. Make reasonable resolutions and goals
  2. Write your goal down. Use as much detail as you can, such that you don’t stray too far from what you want. Give yourself a reasonable time frame to complementing your goal.
  3. If you are striving for a bigger resolution, break it into pieces. You are more likely to achieve smaller goals than a large one, and you are more likely to see that the resolution is possible.
  4. Keep it real! You have everything worked out, or so you think. Tell your goals to someone. They will be bound to ask you a question that you don’t have an answer for. This will allow you to work out a detailed plan.
  5. Work hard and remember what you want! If you really want to accomplish your resolution then you will. You need to remember that a healthy, positive attitude goes along! Good luck!