08 PM | 02 Jun

Our Featured Business: Model Ship Museum and Mussel Interpretation Centre

Walking into to the Model Ship Museum you cannot help but be surprised when you see the over 220 ships for your viewing pleasure. Everything from local models of such ships as “The Empress”, which was built close by in Montague, PEI, to an amazing 8 foot replica of the unsinkable Titanic. I was simply surprised with every turn of my head by the vast detail and time put into these magnificent marine masterpieces. I would highly recommend taking the whole family as it a wonderful day to spend some time learning about everything from shipbuilding to rum running.

Also, as if that does not sound like enough The Mussel Interpretive Centre will guide you through the brilliant beginnings of how mussels are grown right in St. Peter’s Bay; until they are harvested and served for us to enjoy! Founded by Russell Dockendorff Sr the company who owns the Interpretive Centre, Mussel King, has perfected their craft and continue to innovate the industry with new and delicious ways of enjoying their product!

Admission is only $5 for Adults, $3.50 for children and $15 for a family (maximum 2 adults, 3 children). Please enjoy the photos below of some of the 220 models you will see when you come to the Model Ship Museum and Mussel Interpretive Centre! Advance preview for local residents Friday, June 10th for only $2!