02 PM | 03 Jan

Are You a Homeless Youth? We can help.

John Howard Society

My name is Carla MacAdam (BA,BEd) and I am the Resource/Researcher for the St. Peter’s Bay Youth Initiative researching Youth Homelessness in Kings County, Prince Edward Island, funded through The John Howard Society. The purpose of this project is to identify youth in Kings County at risk for becoming homeless/hidden homelessness (ie couch surfing) or who are already experiencing periodic homelessness or housing insecurity, to identify existing service providers and support youth in accessing those services. Further to this, we are seeking to find gaps in current services and are working towards new, innovative programming and services for at risk youth.

At this time, I am reaching out to those in the education system, Federal, Provincial and Kings County service providers, as well as local service and community organizations and individuals in order to identify those youth who might be in need. This funding will address issues and barriers young people face with regards to housing options, employment services, relationships between provincial government departments, agencies, and organizations who service youth and identify gaps in present services, so that these are able to lube and function in the community and move to independence. A repot will be written and forwarded to our stakeholders to determine whither or not there is an issue for youth at risk of homelessness and lacking services in Kings County, PE. This report will identify whether or not at the present interventions could be expanded, whether there are any interventions, and if a pilot project is necessary.

If you are a youth who has experience (or is experiencing) homelessness or know of any youth who may be experiencing homelessness (including hidden homelessness), your input would be very much appreciated. Please contact me at 902-961-3073 (office), 902-330-8900 (cell) or spbyouthinitiative@gmail.com.  

-Thank you, Carla MacAdam