07 PM | 01 Jun

Park Canada Construction Update

The replacement of the floating boardwalk on the Greenwich Dunes Trail is almost complete and all trails are expected to reopen on Friday, June 2. Crews have completed installing the handrails on the boardwalk and are finishing stringing cable wires through the posts to form the protective barrier. They are also in the process of cleaning up any damage on the gravel portion of the trail. Until it reopens, we ask visitors to please respect the barriers and signage and remain off the closed trail – it is still a construction zone and there is heavy machinery still operating on site. During this time, visitors are welcome to access the beach through the Greenwich Beach facility. The washrooms are open on June 13 and the surf-guards will start on June 30. The Greenwich Interpretive Centre will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., June 14 to September 15.

For more information on the Greenwich area of PEI National Park, please visit the Parks Canada website (pc.gc.ca), follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or call (902)-672-6350.

07 PM | 01 Jun

Blueberry Festival Update

Summer is just around the corner and that means that the 35th St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming is getting closer. This year we are bringing back an old favourite as well as adding a few new events.

Saturday, July 29 will see the return of the co-ed softball tournament. The festival wants to thank the Community of St. Peter’s for the upgrades to the ball field which will allow this event to take place within our own community. The Community is taking care of the extensive field repairs while the Festival is replacing the dugouts and fixing the backstop. The ball tournament will be followed Saturday night by a Pub Night which will be held at the St. Peter’s Complex. Also on Saturday, July 29 there will be a crokinole tournament, both singles and doubles, which will be held at the St Peter’s Complex. Don’t forget the annual Blueberry Festival Yard Sale!

Friday, August 4 will be Children’s day. This event is being revamped this year to create a carnival atmosphere with some events from previous years returning and new ones being added. Also, this year the Festival will be having events on Sunday, August 6. Further details on all these events will follow.

We have tried to change things up in response to the survey that was completed following last year’s festival. As everyone can imagine a festival of this size requires many volunteers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Since we have expanded the festival this year we are seeking more volunteers to help us make the 35th a huge success. A big thank you to all that have volunteered in the past and we hope that you are still on board for helping out this year. To those that would like to help out please contact anyone of the festival committee members or send us a message on our Facebook page. Thank you from St. Peter’s Blueberry Festival Committee.

01 PM | 28 Apr

St. Peter’s Blueberry Festival and Home Coming 2017

Planning continues for the 2017 St. Peter’s Blueberry Festival. All this time, we are trying to finalize events while also looking for chair people for several events. If you can help by chairing an event, or if you can even help with an event, we are always looking for volunteers. The festival takes a lot of hours and many hands make light work.


Also, as we’ve inidicated in previous postings, the vice-president position is currently vacant and we would like to fill this position. If you’re interested in helping with the St.  Peter’s Blueberry Festival, please contact one of the executive or feel free to come to our next meeting. All meetings are posted on facebook. Do check us out!

01 PM | 28 Apr

Happy Mother’s Day

St. Peters Community Council and Administrator would like to wish all our residents a Happy Mother’s Day. Best wishes from:

  • Ron MacInnis, Chairman
  • Jerry MacKinnon, Councillor
  • Brenda Gillis Curran, Councillor
  • Gordon MacLean, Councillor
  • Jason Shephard, Councillor
  • Mary Burge, Administrator
11 AM | 04 Apr

Happy Easter

St. Peter’s Community Council and administration would like to wish all our residents a “Happy Easter”. From all of us on the community council: Ron MacInnis, Jerry MacKinnon, Brenda Gillis Curran, Gordon MacLean and Jason Shepphard, and from our administrator, Mary Burge.

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filed with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter.

11 AM | 04 Apr

St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming

With this years festival being the 35th, the planning committee spent the fall months holding brainstorming sessions. These meetings produced some great ideas that we are currently narrowing down and selecting. We took the feedback from the surveys and got to work. The festival this year will see some new events, the return of past events and lots of family fun.

Here are some sneak peaks for the 2017 festival:

The festival will see the return of Hypnotist, Ian Stewart on Wednesday, July 29th. Ian has always been a big hit with the crowds and makes for a fun family evening. We will also see the return of Muddy Buddy for our Saturday night dance. During the day on Saturday be sure to stop into the park for the chance to dunc=k many of the community locals in the dunk tank.

Be sure to watch the festival facebook page for updates on our next meeting.

We still have several events that require chairpersons and we always can use more volunteers at all of our events. If you can help in any capacity, you can either contact one of the executive or simply show up at our next meeting.

06 PM | 05 Mar

Parks Canada Greenwich Trail update

Greenwich Dunes Trail boardwalk construction continues to move along thanks to the dedicated Parks Canada staff working on this project. The terrestrial portion of the boardwalk is now complete, and assembly of the 700m section of aquatic boardwalk over Bowley Pond is all that remains. Work crews are moving materials and preparing to assemble the 700m of aquatic boardwalk float components as weather and ice conditions permit this spring.

Portions of the trail surface have sustained some damage due to the necessary heavy equipment used to transport materials during the boardwalk construction and this damage will be repaired in the spring before the trail re-opens.

In the meantime, for those wishing to walk in the Greenwich area, the main parking lot and beach access at Greenwich are still open and visitors are welcome to walk along the beach.

Updates will be posted on the Parks Canada website and shared with the community of St. Peters as they become available. For any questions, please call 902-672-6350.

02 AM | 02 Feb

St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming

Planning is well underway for the 2017 St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming. At this point, we are booking bands, entertainment for the park and even looking into new events for Saturday, July 29th. Stay tuned for more details. We have also been listening to the feedback we received in our survey last fall and changes will be made to incorporate some of the suggestions that were made at that time.

Everyone know the festival is a lost of fun, however, it takes a huge commitment from volunteers to make it happen. We have people who work one event and we have others who work multiple events including being part of the planning stage that is taking place right now. Organizing meetings are open to everyone and all help and input is appreciated. We not inly need chairpersons, but also volunteers willing to put in a few hours on an event.

In addition, the Vice-President position is currently vacant on the executive and, to date, we have been unable to fill it. This will also be the last year for the remainder of the executive and these positions will be vacant as of this fall.

2017 will be the 35th Annual St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming. For the Festival to continue, it needs more volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time and help us make the 35th Annual festival the very best yet. If you are interested please contact Keila Hebert at 902-961-2934.

02 AM | 02 Feb

Greenwich Boardwalk Construction Update Parks Canada

Work crews are still hard at work on the boardwalk of the Greenwich Dunes Trail in PEI National Park. The aquatic boardwalk across Bowley Pond was removed before Christmas. The terrestrial portion of the boardwalk was removed in early January and is now busy being re-built by crews. Once the pond thaws, crews will begin the installation of the floating sections across the pond to reconnect to the new viewing platform for the parabolic dunes that was constructed in the fall of 2016. It will be 3-4 weeks for the new floating sections to be installed and the trail to be re-opened. This new boardwalk will protect fragile ecosystems and provide safe passage of visitors to view the stunning parabolic dunes at Greenwich. The trail will re-open following completion of the boardwalk by early summer 2017.

06 PM | 26 Sep

Parks Canada Announcement

Dear valued Parks Canada stakeholder,

Parks Canada wishes to advise you of several infrastructure projects happening in the Greenwich area in PEI National Park this fall. These projects are part of Parks Canada unprecedented $3 billion dollar investment over 5 years to support infrastructure work to heritage, visitor, waterway and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas.

On October 3, work will begin to replace the boardwalk on the Greenwich Dunes trail. This structure will be replaced as it has reached the end of its lifespan. Parks Canada is taking measures to ensure that rare and sensitive plant species and environmental features are protected while this work is taking place. Please note that the Havre Saint Pierre, Tlaqatik and Greenwich Dunes trails and the trails parking lot will be closed while this work is underway.

Parks Canada will continue its project to better delineate its boundary lines in Greenwich, PEI National Park. Boundaries will be delineated through the clearing of trees and brush around boundary lines, as well as the placement of signage and fencing as appropriate. Parks Canada makes every effort to minimize disruptions caused by the infrastructure work and, as such, is pleased to provide these updates. We thank local residents and visitors for their patience and support while this important work is happening. For more information on these projects, please contact Greg Shaw, Project Manager at 902-672-6377 or greg.shaw@pc.gc.ca.

Best regards, Karen Jans, Field Unit Superintendent – Parks Canada, PEI