11 AM | 04 Apr

Happy Easter

St. Peter’s Community Council and administration would like to wish all our residents a “Happy Easter”. From all of us on the community council: Ron MacInnis, Jerry MacKinnon, Brenda Gillis Curran, Gordon MacLean and Jason Shepphard, and from our administrator, Mary Burge.

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filed with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter.

11 AM | 04 Apr

St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming

With this years festival being the 35th, the planning committee spent the fall months holding brainstorming sessions. These meetings produced some great ideas that we are currently narrowing down and selecting. We took the feedback from the surveys and got to work. The festival this year will see some new events, the return of past events and lots of family fun.

Here are some sneak peaks for the 2017 festival:

The festival will see the return of Hypnotist, Ian Stewart on Wednesday, July 29th. Ian has always been a big hit with the crowds and makes for a fun family evening. We will also see the return of Muddy Buddy for our Saturday night dance. During the day on Saturday be sure to stop into the park for the chance to dunc=k many of the community locals in the dunk tank.

Be sure to watch the festival facebook page for updates on our next meeting.

We still have several events that require chairpersons and we always can use more volunteers at all of our events. If you can help in any capacity, you can either contact one of the executive or simply show up at our next meeting.

06 PM | 05 Mar

Library Relocation at St. Peter’s Complex

On March 29, 2017 we are about to make a major shift at our St. Peter’s Complex. In this case it is a plesant situation to find ourselves in. Bohemian Findings, who has been our anchor renter, has a problem that we will need to address. The supply room with the company currently occupies has a great deal of weight on the floor. The company needs to put more material in the supply room so we will have to move to another area that we are sure will support the new weight. We employed a structural engineer to give us advice on this matter. He had advised that we should move this company to the ground floor. At this time, we have spoken to all our renters who would be affected by this move. We area happy to report that all renters are in agreement with our renovation proposal.

On March 29, 2017 at 8am we will begin to move our library and computer room up to the auditorium. We will comtinue to bring our equipment from the lower floor to the auditorium until all equipment from the lower floor is removed. We will then do our cleaning and repairing before we have Bohemian Findings move all of their materials to the lower floor. On completion of this move, we will clean and repair the upper floor before we move the materials from the auditorium to the renovated area. In order to do this, we will need many volunteers. If you are so minded we would like to invite you to the Complex on March 29, 2017. We hope that sufficient amount of people will volunteer and make this move a smooth reality.

06 PM | 05 Mar

Parks Canada Greenwich Trail update

Greenwich Dunes Trail boardwalk construction continues to move along thanks to the dedicated Parks Canada staff working on this project. The terrestrial portion of the boardwalk is now complete, and assembly of the 700m section of aquatic boardwalk over Bowley Pond is all that remains. Work crews are moving materials and preparing to assemble the 700m of aquatic boardwalk float components as weather and ice conditions permit this spring.

Portions of the trail surface have sustained some damage due to the necessary heavy equipment used to transport materials during the boardwalk construction and this damage will be repaired in the spring before the trail re-opens.

In the meantime, for those wishing to walk in the Greenwich area, the main parking lot and beach access at Greenwich are still open and visitors are welcome to walk along the beach.

Updates will be posted on the Parks Canada website and shared with the community of St. Peters as they become available. For any questions, please call 902-672-6350.

02 AM | 02 Feb

St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming

Planning is well underway for the 2017 St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming. At this point, we are booking bands, entertainment for the park and even looking into new events for Saturday, July 29th. Stay tuned for more details. We have also been listening to the feedback we received in our survey last fall and changes will be made to incorporate some of the suggestions that were made at that time.

Everyone know the festival is a lost of fun, however, it takes a huge commitment from volunteers to make it happen. We have people who work one event and we have others who work multiple events including being part of the planning stage that is taking place right now. Organizing meetings are open to everyone and all help and input is appreciated. We not inly need chairpersons, but also volunteers willing to put in a few hours on an event.

In addition, the Vice-President position is currently vacant on the executive and, to date, we have been unable to fill it. This will also be the last year for the remainder of the executive and these positions will be vacant as of this fall.

2017 will be the 35th Annual St. Peter’s Bay Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming. For the Festival to continue, it needs more volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time and help us make the 35th Annual festival the very best yet. If you are interested please contact Keila Hebert at 902-961-2934.

02 AM | 02 Feb

Greenwich Boardwalk Construction Update Parks Canada

Work crews are still hard at work on the boardwalk of the Greenwich Dunes Trail in PEI National Park. The aquatic boardwalk across Bowley Pond was removed before Christmas. The terrestrial portion of the boardwalk was removed in early January and is now busy being re-built by crews. Once the pond thaws, crews will begin the installation of the floating sections across the pond to reconnect to the new viewing platform for the parabolic dunes that was constructed in the fall of 2016. It will be 3-4 weeks for the new floating sections to be installed and the trail to be re-opened. This new boardwalk will protect fragile ecosystems and provide safe passage of visitors to view the stunning parabolic dunes at Greenwich. The trail will re-open following completion of the boardwalk by early summer 2017.

01 AM | 02 Feb

Skills Link Update

The Skills Link Project is in its final stages and we are very excited to congratulate our 9 participants on successfully completing their 10 week work placement.

Each individual has shown great dedication and commitment to their employer as well to improving themselves. They have set goals and achieved milestones while learning valuable life lessons. We are proud of you all.

We would also like to thank our partners in the program, the community of St. Peter’s Bay, the government of Canada, and all of the other businesses that participated.

02 PM | 03 Jan

Skills Link Project

Happy New Year! The skills Link Project is almost complete and our participants are having great success with their individual job placements. Our 9 participants are placed throughout various businesses in Kings County and have been working hard to accomplish their goals as valued employees. You may have seen them at MacDonald’s Rite Stop, Eastern Kings Sportsplex, Rollo Bay Holdings, Sobeys, Pizza Delight, Garden Isle Farms and Bohemian Finding’s. These young men, have taken the skills learned and developed in our 8 week in class workshop and transferred those skills into the workforce. We have had many success stories over the past 3 months and I am sure we will see more over the remaining 3 weeks. Great Job Guys!

-Barry O’Brien

02 PM | 03 Jan

Are You a Homeless Youth? We can help.

John Howard Society

My name is Carla MacAdam (BA,BEd) and I am the Resource/Researcher for the St. Peter’s Bay Youth Initiative researching Youth Homelessness in Kings County, Prince Edward Island, funded through The John Howard Society. The purpose of this project is to identify youth in Kings County at risk for becoming homeless/hidden homelessness (ie couch surfing) or who are already experiencing periodic homelessness or housing insecurity, to identify existing service providers and support youth in accessing those services. Further to this, we are seeking to find gaps in current services and are working towards new, innovative programming and services for at risk youth.

At this time, I am reaching out to those in the education system, Federal, Provincial and Kings County service providers, as well as local service and community organizations and individuals in order to identify those youth who might be in need. This funding will address issues and barriers young people face with regards to housing options, employment services, relationships between provincial government departments, agencies, and organizations who service youth and identify gaps in present services, so that these are able to lube and function in the community and move to independence. A repot will be written and forwarded to our stakeholders to determine whither or not there is an issue for youth at risk of homelessness and lacking services in Kings County, PE. This report will identify whether or not at the present interventions could be expanded, whether there are any interventions, and if a pilot project is necessary.

If you are a youth who has experience (or is experiencing) homelessness or know of any youth who may be experiencing homelessness (including hidden homelessness), your input would be very much appreciated. Please contact me at 902-961-3073 (office), 902-330-8900 (cell) or spbyouthinitiative@gmail.com.  

-Thank you, Carla MacAdam

02 PM | 03 Jan

Tree lIghting Ceremony

St. Peter’s Community Council would like to thank Debbie MacKinnon and the Fitness class for their assistance with the Tree Lighting Ceremony for 2016. Debbie put a lot of time into making this a success, even with the weather not co-operating with her. It was still a great family event and we were pleased with the Sing Song with Anne MacEwan at the Dr. Roddie Center. Hot chocolate and candy canes were enjoyed by all in attendance. Hope this can be a yearly event and planning can start for 2017.