05 PM | 14 Mar

St. Peters Bayview Suites

Welcome to the St. Peters Bayniew Suites. We offer a variety of amenities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

We offer 6 spacious suites. 4 two-level apartment style suites which consist of a fully equipped kitchen, separate dining & living room on the main level as well as two private bedrooms and a full bath on the second level. Guests can retreat to a private balcony which is accessed from each master bedroom. Also available are two smaller suites that do not include a kitchen, but offer the same privacy of separate bedrooms as the larger suites do. On site is a restaurant where customers can cavour a home cooked meal while enjoying the picturesque view of St. Peters Bay.

  • Hours of Operation: Daily 7am – 8pm
  • Suite Kitchens are equipped with coffee maker, dishes, cookware, utensils and cleaning supplies for guest convenience.
  • Laundry services are available for free
  • Free Cable & Wi-fi
  • Free Parking
  • Spectacular view of St. Peters Bay
  • Peak Season Rates (May 1 – Nov 1): $115-180/per night based on double occupancy.

www.stpetersbayviewsuites.com (902) 739-2077, stpetersbayviewsuites@eastlink.ca

03 PM | 08 Mar

Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce – 11th Annual Business and Community Excellence Awards

Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce – 11th Annual Business and Community Excellence Awards

The St. Peter’s Complex hosted the 11th Annual Business & Community Excellence Awards Banquet on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 presented by the East PEI Chamber of Commerce. The event recognizes businesses, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the following areas: emerging business potential growth, pillar of the community, and Employee of the Year.

06 PM | 01 Aug

Message from St. Peter’s Community Council

St. Peter’s Community Council would like to wish President Keila Hebert and members of her executive for another successful St. Peter’s Wild Blueberry Festival and Homecoming. This year being the 35th Anniversary of the Festival is a remarkable milestone for the organization. Chairman: Ron MacInnis, Councillors: Brenda Gillis Curran, Gordon MacLean, Gerry MacKinnon and Jason Shephard. Administrator: Mary Burge.

06 PM | 05 Mar

Library Relocation at St. Peter’s Complex

On March 29, 2017 we are about to make a major shift at our St. Peter’s Complex. In this case it is a plesant situation to find ourselves in. Bohemian Findings, who has been our anchor renter, has a problem that we will need to address. The supply room with the company currently occupies has a great deal of weight on the floor. The company needs to put more material in the supply room so we will have to move to another area that we are sure will support the new weight. We employed a structural engineer to give us advice on this matter. He had advised that we should move this company to the ground floor. At this time, we have spoken to all our renters who would be affected by this move. We area happy to report that all renters are in agreement with our renovation proposal.

On March 29, 2017 at 8am we will begin to move our library and computer room up to the auditorium. We will comtinue to bring our equipment from the lower floor to the auditorium until all equipment from the lower floor is removed. We will then do our cleaning and repairing before we have Bohemian Findings move all of their materials to the lower floor. On completion of this move, we will clean and repair the upper floor before we move the materials from the auditorium to the renovated area. In order to do this, we will need many volunteers. If you are so minded we would like to invite you to the Complex on March 29, 2017. We hope that sufficient amount of people will volunteer and make this move a smooth reality.

01 AM | 02 Feb

Skills Link Update

The Skills Link Project is in its final stages and we are very excited to congratulate our 9 participants on successfully completing their 10 week work placement.

Each individual has shown great dedication and commitment to their employer as well to improving themselves. They have set goals and achieved milestones while learning valuable life lessons. We are proud of you all.

We would also like to thank our partners in the program, the community of St. Peter’s Bay, the government of Canada, and all of the other businesses that participated.

02 PM | 03 Jan

Skills Link Project

Happy New Year! The skills Link Project is almost complete and our participants are having great success with their individual job placements. Our 9 participants are placed throughout various businesses in Kings County and have been working hard to accomplish their goals as valued employees. You may have seen them at MacDonald’s Rite Stop, Eastern Kings Sportsplex, Rollo Bay Holdings, Sobeys, Pizza Delight, Garden Isle Farms and Bohemian Finding’s. These young men, have taken the skills learned and developed in our 8 week in class workshop and transferred those skills into the workforce. We have had many success stories over the past 3 months and I am sure we will see more over the remaining 3 weeks. Great Job Guys!

-Barry O’Brien

02 PM | 26 Jul

St. Peters Campground

The Campground is now open for the season and we have a large number of seasonals again this year. The Pool and Canteen are opened; the pool again this year will have “no lifeguard on duty”. So Parents and Caregivers please understand that children must be supervised to use this facility. Canteen and Pool are open daily from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm and public is welcome. We do have our shelter building available for use for birthday parties, and family reunion events. The Laundromat operates daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and the public are welcome to use this facility. If more information is required on any of the operations at the Campground, please call the office at (902) 961-2786.

08 PM | 02 Jun

Our Featured Business: Model Ship Museum and Mussel Interpretation Centre

Walking into to the Model Ship Museum you cannot help but be surprised when you see the over 220 ships for your viewing pleasure. Everything from local models of such ships as “The Empress”, which was built close by in Montague, PEI, to an amazing 8 foot replica of the unsinkable Titanic. I was simply surprised with every turn of my head by the vast detail and time put into these magnificent marine masterpieces. I would highly recommend taking the whole family as it a wonderful day to spend some time learning about everything from shipbuilding to rum running.

Also, as if that does not sound like enough The Mussel Interpretive Centre will guide you through the brilliant beginnings of how mussels are grown right in St. Peter’s Bay; until they are harvested and served for us to enjoy! Founded by Russell Dockendorff Sr the company who owns the Interpretive Centre, Mussel King, has perfected their craft and continue to innovate the industry with new and delicious ways of enjoying their product!

Admission is only $5 for Adults, $3.50 for children and $15 for a family (maximum 2 adults, 3 children). Please enjoy the photos below of some of the 220 models you will see when you come to the Model Ship Museum and Mussel Interpretive Centre! Advance preview for local residents Friday, June 10th for only $2!